CTR Europe – Trustworthy Recycling Service of Corporate Waste


CTR Europe provides a smart solution for the recycling
and disposal of corporate waste.

CTR Europe is a corporate waste partner who can facilitate the disposal of a broad variety of products in line with legislation but also in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

As government legislation is continuing to tighten, with aims to reduce waste entering landfill sites, companies are turning their attention to developing a best practice approach for the disposal of their unwanted or surplus corporate waste.

Whether it’s mobile phones, ink jet cartridges or IT equipment that you are stock piling and looking to dispose of, we can help! With a 75,000 sq.ft recycling plant our experienced team are well versed in the the mantra ‘Recycle – Reuse – Resell’, with all of the goods collected from our corporate partners being recycled or broken down for re-use, with less than 2% of product entering landfill.

We strive to provide our corporate partners with a trustworthy, safe disposal route that is fully compliant, where you can be certain of sound advice and hassle free management of the process by our experience team.

By committing to a clear strategy for the disposal of your corporate waste enables you, in turn, to reassure your working partners that you have a robust process in place and are meeting your corporate responsibilities – CTR Europe can help you achieve this, call us today for a no obligation chat on 0845 0755 882.

Our service covers such items as:

  • IT Asset disposal

  • Data wiping and destruction

  • Mobile phones

  • Laptops

  • Tablets

  • Ipods

  • Empty Inkjet and toner cartridges

  • Unopened or unused inkjet and toner cartridges

  • Office Furniture

To find out how CTR Europe can help recycle and dispose of your corporate waste call us for a no obligation chat on 0845 0755 882 or email us on info@ctrgroup.co.uk

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