Data Erasure and Destruction


Data Wiping and Destruction

CTR Europe is a leading IT disposal partner, offering a bespoke full cycle disposal service for all your corporate waste.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted, ethical partner, advising our clients to ensure they are meeting both corporate and environmental compliance. 

Great service and expertise is a given, so too is the strictly controlled programme we implement when handling your end of life equipment, allowing us to monitor the chain of custody from beginning to end, providing reports and certificates as necessary.

But disposing of your IT equipment isn’t all plain sailing! With the Data Protection Act at the forefront of our mind, protecting your business information and both customers and employees data is vital. You have a duty of care to ensure your redundant IT equipment, mobile phones, tablets etc aren’t storing information, and so to shield your business from facing fines or even prosecution, CTR Europe offers a full data wiping or destruction service when handling the disposal of your IT equipment.

Data security is a serious business and one which CTR Europe doesn’t take lightly!

Utilising the EDR HDC-V hard drive destruction method (the first destruction equipment to be accredited by ADISA) we are able to ensure that all your confidential information is erased completely and beyond recovery. Where full destruction of the hard drive is required we are able to physically shred the drive and dispose of it’s waste. Either of these services can be carried out on or off site, depending upon your requirements.

To find out more about how we can manage the compliant disposal of your IT disposal, including data wiping, we’re here to help and only a phone call away. Speak to one of our experienced team today on on 0845 0755 882 or email us on

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